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Crimson Editor / Version 3.72 Beta 241
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Autodetect Syntax for PHP files loads Syntax Files for PHP4 even if PHP5 files have been selected in preferences.
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March 21, 2008 10:58:56 AM
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March 21, 2008 10:58:56 AM JRSofty
In the Preferences I've got the PHP files set to use PHP5.KEY and PHP5.SPC. However, if I open a file fresh then the specific changes between PHP 4 and PHP 5 are not highlighted. I look under Document->Syntax Type and it is set of Autodetect. When I manually set the syntax to PHP then the PHP5 items are highlighted.

Not a serious bug but a little annoying if you primarily program in PHP5.

March 25, 2008 10:09:30 AM Pvt_Ryan
I think the easiest way to "fix" this is to say that ".php" applies to the latest php version available and previous versions must be added manually.

March 25, 2008 02:06:24 PM JRSofty
So you are saying you are going to make the PHP5.KEY and PHP5.SPC files the defaults for *.php files opened by CE? While that is a nice idea I would think that the true problem lies in the syntax-autodetect functionality that apparently doesn't read the cedt.ini file for the correct key and spc files. This problem might have the same issue with other languages. I just happened to find it using PHP.

March 25, 2008 05:59:33 PM Pvt_Ryan
The autodetect just detects by file extension (with a slight exception for shell scripts and one or two others where it reads the 1st guess and makes an estimate based on that.

March 25, 2008 07:40:10 PM JRSofty
In that case it should load my PHP5.KEY and SPC files but it loads the normal PHP.KEY and SPC files. So therefore something is not setting the initial settings for .php files on application load.

April 24, 2008 08:42:04 AM Pvt_Ryan
I see where the issue is..

I will fix it tonight when I get home.

basically if you look in the "link" directory and open the files "extension.ph*" with notepad you will see that they all point to KEY/SPC.PHP, the file "extension.php" should point to "KEY/SPC.PHP5" AND I should also change the name of "KEY/SPEC.PHP" to "KEY/SPEC.PHP34" or something. To show that that is not the latest version of php.

May 15, 2008 05:59:55 AM JRSofty
I take it that this fix didn't make it to the 241 revision?

I've just downloaded and installed the 3.72 r 241 and it appears to have the same issue on the autodetect that I originally reported for r 236.

May 16, 2008 08:31:01 AM Pvt_Ryan
Tbh I forgot to fix it. I have been mega busy in work, I'll fix it tonight hopefully.

May 16, 2008 08:36:29 AM JRSofty
I completely understand about busy at work.

June 9, 2008 07:25:21 PM Pvt_Ryan
fixed rev 245